I have always been mindful of talking about the benefits of a product or service rather than the features.  This was drilled into me during my corporate career and I found it super-valuable when starting and building my last business.

Having now co-founded Userfy, I thought I’d blog about the benefits of our core service – User Testing (Sometimes called Usability Testing or UX Testing).  It’s important to understand that clients don’t pay agencies like ours to run user testing sessions (the sausage), they pay for the outputs, the deep insights from real users that inform the design of better, more successful products (the sizzle).

The Problem

To present compelling benefits to clients, there needs to be a problem to solve. For our clients, a poor UX can cause problems because:

  • Users increasingly expect to be able to do things quickly and easily
  • Confused or frustrated users are only a click away from abandoning and never coming back
  • Poor user experience reflects badly on brands
  • Poor user experience allows competitors to get ahead
  • Poor user experience loses businesses money

The Solution

Conducting User Testing on early design ideas, wireframes, prototypes or a live solution can help solve these problems by telling you:

  • How well user needs are being met
  • What’s working well, what isn’t and why
  • How quickly users understand a design and why
  • Whether key messages are being communicated and why
  • If users are being confused or frustrated by anything and why
  • How engaged users feel, how much they enjoy the experience and why
  • Whether the solution builds or undermines trust and why
  • How effectively users can complete key journeys

The Benefits

By enabling project teams to design out confusion & frustration, User Testing informs the development of products that offer a more efficient, enjoyable & user-friendly experience. This can create a competitive advantage, improve key metrics (like sales & loyalty), and lead to a higher return on investment for an organisation.

Furthermore, a benefit that we might often overlook is that User Testing can result in a happier workplace. After all, a project team will always feel better after a successful solution has been developed and success breeds success.


Finally, there is great value in having an agency that is independent from the design, such as Userfy, conduct User Testing. Testing conducted by the project team on their own product or solution is open to subtle biases, as they may subconsciously look to confirm their own ideas and preconceptions, missing out on the most important insights that challenge current assumptions and spur on positive and progressive changes to markedly improve the user experience.

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Meet the author:

Phil Randall
Co-Founder and CEO at Userfy