Dr Sam Howard, co-founder and Director of Research for Userfy, recently sat down with Kane Simms, host of VUXWorld, to discuss how user testing can be adapted and successfully utilised when designing new systems and interfaces for voice-first devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

VUXWorld is new a podcast dedicated to voice user experience design and voice-first strategies. Sam was the first guest to appear on the podcast, featuring in episode 2 of this exciting new series.

Kane and Sam spoke about how Userfy started and the types of research Userfy specialise in, before delving into some deeper discussions about how user testing can be adapted and used in this new and exciting area of digital technology where visual screens are no longer needed.

You can listen to the podcast through the YouTube link below, or you can subscribe to the series and listen to other episodes via iTunes.

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Meet the author:

Phil Randall
Co-Founder and CEO at Userfy