Discovering UX problems and finding out how to fix them is a great thing, no matter when or how it happens…

Many organisations are blissfully unaware that they are losing business because their users are getting confused or frustrated and so user testing at any time puts you ahead of the game.

But, there are things you can consider that will make your user testing even more valuable…

1) Test early

User testing just before launch, having already invested considerable time and money in design and development, is a thousand times better than never user testing, but it can be a painful experience.  At this point issues are more expensive to fix, and you may not have lots of time or money left to make the improvements needed.  Early user testing, on initial designs or prototypes, means changes can be made quickly and at much lower cost and a user-centred solution can be built from the very start of the project.

2) Test your current solution before designing the new one

“There’s no point user testing the current site because we know it’s rubbish”; we hear this a lot and on the face of it, it makes sense.  However, we have found categorically that testing the current site is a brilliant way to better understand users, learn what problems they are having, and establish how the new solution could better meet their needs.  We use the current site to facilitate an in-depth discussion about the wants, attitudes and experiences of users and these always better inform the direction, structure and features of the new solution.

3) Don’t lose sight of the findings

Sometimes the outputs from user testing challenge the beliefs of members of a project team.  After the impact of the feedback presentation, and as the weeks pass, some of those findings are forgotten or watered down, or people put their own spin on them; this isn’t deliberate scuppering, it’s just human nature.  Where we stay engaged as part of a project team we are able to champion and defend the needs of the users and ensure they stay at the centre of design decisions.

Userfy’s extensive experience helping companies from multiple different sectors, whose turnover ranges from zero to £10 billion, to test and optimise their user experience has allowed us to develop and refine a highly effective, tried and tested user testing methodology.  We’d love to help you be even more successful.

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Meet the author:

Phil Randall
Co-Founder and CEO at Userfy