When, at the beginning of the year, we received our first opportunity to take our UX Testing process and apply it to an eCommerce website we were anxious…

Would we find anything of value? Would the client think they’d wasted their money? How hard can it be to find a product, add it to basket and complete the transaction?

We needn’t have worried. As it turns out, UX testing an eCommerce platform fills a gap that analytics and other Conversion Rate Optimisation tools just cannot cover.

We realised we were onto something as soon as we started presenting back to clients and witnessed their reactions as they saw target customers talk about their products and their brand and use their website and the website of their competitors in a way that they had just never been able to see before.

Seeing how valuable our process was, we developed it further and now have a core UX Testing service for eCommerce that has just been commissioned by one of the high street’s biggest names. This means we’ll shortly be using our testing service on a £1 billion website.

That’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t matter how small, or how large the company – the website-customer dynamic is very similar. Critically, whether it’s an SME or an international retailer, they’ve rarely witnessed customers talking and using their website in this way before and the insights generated by our analysis impact at both the tactical and strategic level.

Our approach to eCommerce UX Testing maintains many of the features of our other testing.

  • Between 5 and 10 participants per device type (desktop, tablet, mobile), very carefully recruited to meet the precise demographics and experiences that we have agreed with our client.
  • Each participant invited to one-hour, one-to-one sessions in our fully equipped UX testing suite.

But it is the design of the research that is generating such high value insights.

Through our carefully design research sessions, we uncover:

  1. What are the most important factors for a customer when making this type of purchase?
    Through an in-depth interview we assess where they have shopped previously, what they have been looking for, where have they ended up purchasing from and why.
  2. Which websites stand out?
    By using natural, open scenarios we allow users to shop online as they would at home, uncovering the websites that stand out in terms of information, imagery, findability, and service.
  3. How does the clients website perform?
    In conjunction with open tasks, we introduce customers to our client’s website to assess how it stacks up against the competition. What’s drawing customers in? What’s putting them off? What would make them use this website to purchase their items over another?
  4. How could the UX of the website be improved?
    Our sessions are purpose-built to form a comprehensive picture of what target customers are looking for, what they see as important, and how this can be reflected in a website. We can then show our clients exactly how their UX could be optimised to drive sales, retain customers, and attract new ones.

We are helping eCommerce businesses to increase their conversion rates by seeing, analysing and understanding the buying journey through the eyes of their customers.