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Our expertise goes well beyond user testing

User-centred design and user experience consultancy.

Rapid prototyping and testing

Got a new product or new feature in mind?

Learn fast, learn early, reduce your risk and maximise your chances of success.

We can design and user test a high-fidelity, clickable prototype that can be refined and optimised before you spend a penny on your technical build.

User-centred design and build

Looking for a user-centred design and build?

We team up with select UX designers and developers who are skilled at working with our user insights.

We have designed and built engaging, high performing Saas websites, online applications and e-commerce solutions.

User experience design

After conducting your user testing, we are deeply immersed in your solution and highly knowledgeable about your users, their needs and how to optimise your journeys.

We can work with you and our trusted UX designers to implement the findings of our research and deliver to you an optimised user experience.

Expert reviews/ cognitive walkthroughs

Where user testing is not possible, an expert walkthrough is the next best thing.

Acting as a typical user, we will review your user journeys. Using our experience and knowledge of user behaviour we will highlight where confusion, friction or frustration might arise and recommend where and how to improve your user experience.

E-commerce audits

Having worked with FTSE100 and SME e-commerce businesses, we have developed a deep understanding as to what makes for a high-converting shopping experience.

Our e-commerce audit includes a check against over 250 factors that influence the performance of an online shop. Your report will identify where and how to improve the effectiveness of your website.

Feel free to get in touch for a completely no-obligation discussion about how we might be able to help.

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Userfy (verb)

/ˈuserfʌɪ /

To design an optimised digital experience using user insights and behavioural science.

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