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In-depth, remote user testing

By testing wireframes, prototypes and live solutions with real users, we generate insights that will inform your design decisions.

Plan the research

From our first meeting, we will start to understand you, your needs and your sector. Then we will take time to produce a bespoke user testing plan and discussion guide designed to deliver deep and rich findings.

Recruit Participants

Based on your existing knowledge, data or personas, we will work with you to define the characteristics, attitudes, beliefs and prior experiences of your target users. We will carefully recruit your participants to reflect the criteria agreed.

Run the Testing

We will invite your participants to an individual, one-to-one video call, typically of about 1 hour. After an initial discussion to explore their relevant wants, needs and experiences, we will carefully brief real-world scenarios to simulate actual life as closely as possible. As participants undertake specific tasks, we will look, listen, probe and learn whilst recording the video, audio and screen capture.

Undertake the Analysis

Immediately after each session, we will upload the full video for you to watch as and when convenient to you. We will then set about re-watching and analysing the footage, rewinding, pausing and watching again to establish what is working well, what isn’t and to understand why this is the case.

Produce Your Report

Your report will explain each of our findings, along with recommendations detailing where and how to make design improvements that will optimise your user experience. Examples can include how to communicate better the proposition, where to address any questions and doubts that users have and how to remove any confusion, frustration or weakness from your journey.

On which devices can I test?

You can test your design on computers, tablets and mobiles.

At what stage can I test?

You can user test initial ideas, early designs, a prototype or live solution.

With how many users should I test?

Testing with just 5 to 6 users will usually identify all major Issues.

Feel free to get in touch for a completely no-obligation discussion about how we might be able to help.

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Userfy (verb)

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To design an optimised digital experience using user insights and behavioural science.

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