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User Testing? It's In Our DNA.

For our first two years in business, we specialised entirely in in-depth, in-person user testing. Week-after-week building up unique expertise in this area.

In-person and remote user testing is still at the heart of most of our projects, generating incredible insights that will help you improve your solution and be even more successful.


Our Specialist User Testing Can Explore Many Areas

Your Proposition

Do users understand your value proposition?
How well is your proposition communicated?
What information is missing?

User Needs

Are your users needs being met?
Are there any gaps and where?
What could be done better?


Can your users perform the required tasks?
Where does friction arise and why?
How can this be removed and the UX improved?


How does it feel to use your solution?
Is it a positive experience?
What could be improved?

Brand Perception

How does the UX make users feel about you?
Does the experience enhance your brand?
Are users more or less likely to recommend you?

User Ideation

How would your users improve the solution?
What features would users add?
What ideas do your users have for a better UX?

Test Any Stage of Design

Testing with real, representative users is one of the most valuable and important things you can do at any stage of the design and development process.We can test your ideas, concepts, wireframes, prototypes or live solution. You will learn so much and the findings can be transformational.

Remote and In-Person User Testing

Our user testing room is equipped with the latest technology and has excellent transport links for your participants, as well as a relaxing waiting area. We have also developed considerable expertise delivering our user testing projects remotely across desktop and mobile devices.


Benefit from a design process based on evidence and best practice

“The improvements that we made as a result of working with Userfy undoubtedly contributed to the success of the new website.”

Head of Digital

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