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Welcome to the Userfy Innovation Lab.

Create Products Your Users Want. Fast.

A people-centred process for designing successful new products and features.

  • User research and insight-led
  • Faster to product/ market fit
  • Avoid costly mistakes
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We work with start-ups, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses

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Welcome to the Userfy innovation lab

“Userfy has been helping digital teams research, test, refine and optimise their digital experiences for almost five years. Having previously held product owner positions in the corporate world and then co-founded, built and sold a multi-million-pound digital and software business, I now leverage these experiences to lead the Userfy Innovation Lab.”

Phil Randall — Userfy Owner

Phil founder of Userfy
CXL Certificate

Certified in Digital Psychology and Persuasion

Ideou Certificate

Trained in Design Thinking by IDEO

AJS Certificate

Completed the Design Sprint Masterclass

A Flexible and Adaptable Process

(Individually tailored to your project)

Clarity & Research

  • Agree problem and business goals.
  • Learn about users and their needs.
  • Understand the context of use.
  • Test user assumptions.
  • Fill any knowledge gaps.
  • Competitor review.

Ideation & Selection

  • Generate lots of innovative ideas.
  • Envision solutions.
  • Research best practice examples.
  • Review the ideas.
  • Choose the best idea.
  • Storyboard the selected idea.

Build & Test

  • Build a clickable prototype.
  • Focus on usability.
  • As high fidelity as possible.
  • Test the prototype with real users.
  • Understand how users feel.
  • Learn what is working well, what isn’t and why.

Learn & Decide

  • Make an informed go/ no go decision.
  • Optimise the design.
  • Develop new features.
  • Decide whether to test further.
  • Proceed to technical build.

Your Questions Answered

Is the Userfy process flexible?

Yes, definitely. Depending on the stage you are already at and what you need, we will mix and match our capabilities to best suite you.

How long does it take?

The most focussed intense sprint from problem statement to tested prototype is likely to take 2 weeks, but a more complex project can run over a couple of months.

How much of mine or my teams time is needed?

This is very much down to you. We can work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process and workshop key steps, or you can brief us and let us get on, we’ll be in touch as and when needed.

Can this be a remote process?

Our starting point is that this entire service is delivered remotely.

How much does it cost?

We do not have a set price as this depends on the team needed to work on your project and your specific needs. Sometimes we will be asked to design a simple new feature for an existing product, other times a full web app from scratch.

Have an idea in mind?

Feel free to get in touch for a completely no-obligation discussion about how we might be able to help.

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Userfy (verb)

/ˈuserfʌɪ /

To design an optimised digital experience using user insights and behavioural science.

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